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Evolution Insurance Group LLC

Life Matters

...And so does those we love. Picking up the pieces and mourning the death of a loved one, can be hard.  Carrying the load of financial burdens, can be harder. It doesn't have to be. Give yourself and your family a piece of mind. Call us to discuss what matters the most, life! 


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Term Life

One of the most common types of insurance policies that you would hear of is a term life insurance plan. A term life insurance plan provides you with life insurance payout in the event of death, total and permanent disability or terminal illness.

This sum of money would be particularly important for your loved ones who will no longer be able to have the financial support that you provide for them. The insurance payout from a term life plan will ensure that your loved ones will be able to continue living their lives with minimal disruption to their standard of living.

Whole Life

Whole Life insurance is a contract that provides life long protection in the event of your loss. As long as you continue to pay your insurance premiums, typical policy features are:

  • Fixed Premiums
  • Fixed, guaranteed death benefits
  • Guaranteed cash value

Universal Life

Universal Life Insurance plan, also known as a cash-value or permanent insurance. This type of insurance combines a death benefit with a savings or cash value benefit and is effective over your entire lifetime. You accumulate savings, which is reinvested and gross tax-deferred, during the life of the policy and the savings is available to use in the future or to borrow against if needed. However, you are penalized if you terminate the contract earlier than its full term and the value of the policy is reduced as you age. When you are younger, more cash is diverted into the savings part of the plan and as you age, less goes into savings and more goes toward the purchase of the insurance. 

Simply put, Universal Life Insurance is an option for those who would desire to make changes in the future through tax deferred plans.