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Evolution Insurance Group LLC

Cheers to better benefits at work

We provide a system that allows our employers to grant access, allowing their employees to enroll in employer paid or voluntary benefits. It's an extension to your human resource or benefits department. No hassles or extra fees. Cutting cost across the board is what we do. After all, happy the math!

Relax....we got you covered!

Benefits that work for you!

Call us to explore your plan options. Let us focus on your benefits, while you focus on your business! 


Going Beyond for you and your employees...

We have a technology solution for you and your employees. We offer a system that provides modern benefits administration and HR software. Enrolling and managing benefits online eliminates paperwork, saving you and your employees time. Our system allows your employees to make smarter decisions by putting copays, coverage, and actual cost at their fingertips. Employees can access our system via the web, mobile, iOS, and Android mobile app to view important benefit details year round. Save time with simplified benefits administration and much more. At no additional cost, we put the focus on saving you and your employees money and time.